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 Portal PSP (Gateway) Update 1

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Portal PSP (Gateway) Update 1 Empty
PostSubject: Portal PSP (Gateway) Update 1   Portal PSP (Gateway) Update 1 Icon_minitimeWed Mar 10, 2010 5:40 pm

Our first update. We've packed this with as much stuff as we can. I know you've been waiting a while but basically with only 2 team members now thanks to our competitor PSPortal, as soon as we were done (well me as a mapper have to think of more concepts) we haven't been getting a lot done since we still desperately need a coder and a texture artist. If you think you can help us at all you would be greatly appreciated. Anyways moving on to our first update of lots of maps and models to show!!!

Here's out lovely player model from our previous modeler Ghostfang.

Portal PSP (Gateway) Update 1 Playermodel

And here's our button. Don't you wanna press it? Lol.

Portal PSP (Gateway) Update 1 Buttonwp

Testchamber 1

Portal PSP (Gateway) Update 1 Ts2s

Testchamber 2
Portal PSP (Gateway) Update 1 Ts3y

Portal PSP (Gateway) Update 1 Testchamber1
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Portal PSP (Gateway) Update 1
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