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 Solitude Update 20

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PostSubject: Solitude Update 20   Solitude Update 20 Icon_minitimeSat Mar 13, 2010 6:04 pm

Originally posted by SamUK
After 8 months of blood, toasted crumpets and tea we are getting ever closer to our release. To mark our 20th update, we have all sorts of things to show of. From the latest look at our spartan to our latest sound track.

Posted by Samuk on Feb 21st, 2009 digg this super bookmark
Welcome to the 20th Solitude Update.

Its been along 8 months, members have come and gone, we have had our ups and downs. At the end of the day we are still kicking, and kicking harder then ever before!

VGF/ilDucci, our only animator, has been working hard getting all the guns looking right. He stopped by a few days ago and sent me these video's ;-

Solitude Mod for Quake Sword animations video - Mod DB

Solitude Mod for Quake Shotgun animations. video - Mod DB

Solitude Mod for Quake Needler animations video - Mod DB

Solitude Mod for Quake Plasma Pistol animations video - Mod DB

Please note that these are already out dated and have been changed, the melee animation for the pistol has redone, and we expect most of the melee animations to be redone.

We have a new song for you guys, made by our newest member Nutritious.

'''I'm trying to keep the feel of this one with the theme of solitude, so hopefully that's what it conveys when you hear it. '' - Nutritious

Solitude Mod for Quake Ambient audio - Mod DB

With the beta on its way we are focusing on the main components. I'd say the most important part of a halo mod would be having a decent looking spartan ! Don't worry, PsychotropicPineapples has that covered as he has been working on the spartan texture.


Note from PsychotropicPineapples :The model has been modified since then. I'll be entirely re-texturing the chest and back. The arms will also be done from scratch(what's in that picture is just a quick temporary thing I did).

A few weeks ago we showed you our sexy skyboxs ilDucci made. LW-Torrecilla dropped by to let us know that his bitc.....skybox is even sexier ! He has been working on a few different ones. So far he has finish the day and night one.

First the night one ;-

Day and night skybox sea skybox

Day and night skybox sea skybox

Day and night skybox sea skybox

Day and night skybox sea skybox

Nice ehh, we are not done yet. Here is the day time one.

Day and night skybox sea skybox

Day and night skybox sea skybox

Day and night skybox sea skybox

That is alot of content for one update, hope that makes up for the lack of an update last week. You will be seeing alot more of us as we get closer to the release of solitude beta on march 31st. For early access to the latest that the Flaming Ice team has to offer visit the developer diary's over at

Thanks for reading.

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Solitude Update 20
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