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 Solitude Update 19

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PostSubject: Solitude Update 19   Solitude Update 19 Icon_minitimeSat Mar 13, 2010 6:03 pm

Originally posted by SamUK
LW-Torrecilla and ilDucci have been hard at work latly. Making even more great weapons for the multiplayer beta, the very same beta that will be released hopefully by March 31st. LW-Torrecilla
made the Plasma Rifle and ilDucci made the Needler. The Plasma Rifle texture is still a WIP and the neediler is still in line to be textured.

Recently we have been looking for a music composer, to make great Halo-ish music. We have found just the guy over at the OC remix forums called Nutritious, he has worked on past games such as Infinity

Here is an example of his work, our Solitude theme song.

Solitude Mod for Quake Solitude theme audio - Mod DB

We are still looking for a sound effects composer to make various things from menu sounds to gun shots, if you think you can help feel free to email me at . We are in need of one soon for the multilpayer beta!

Thanks for reading.

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Solitude Update 19
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