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 Solitude Update 18

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PostSubject: Solitude Update 18   Solitude Update 18 Icon_minitimeSat Mar 13, 2010 6:02 pm

Originally posted by SamUK

Welcome to Update 18.

This will be the last update we see before the Mod Of The Year awards finish. Number1Superguy has been working on the Solitude sound track, we have two songs to show you today. The first one is called ''No Solitude''.

Solitude Mod for Quake No Solitude audio - Mod DB

The second one is not named yet, but is near completion. This was Number1Superguys first song he ever composed.

Solitude Mod for Quake Videos & Audio - Mod DB

You will be seeing alot more work from Number1Superguy, from music and voice acting to map concepts and new game modes.

Our mapper Scifiknux has made a video walkthrough of his very anticipated map, Narrowed. Narrowed is inspired by the popular Halo 3 map Narrows. Here is the video;

Solitude Mod for Quake Video walkthrough video - Mod DB

Here are a three screenshots of Narrowed, please note that the textures will look nothing like this. These are temporary textures that will be replaced, the map currently has no shadows, this makes the map look brighter then it actually is.
Narrowed WIPS

Narrowed WIPS
Narrowed WIPS

Wimpyburger - So, what inspired you to start this project ?

SamUK - Well after half a year of using 3ds max 8 I decide that I wanted to start working on a mod, after seeing Kurok I was inspired to make a Quake mod for the PSP. I was asked by one of our currant beta testers to remake some weapons for an already existing mod (Jalo) because they were poor quality. I asked the guy in charge if he wanted help, he refused so I thought I would work on a small halo project of my own, next thing you know a texture artist (dandi8) and an animator (ilDucci) popped up and asked if I needed help. Ever since then this ''Small halo project'' has turned into a full game.
Wimpy Burger - So how long have you been working on mods in general, and how much time have you put into Halo solitude ?

SamUK - Well I have been working on games since I was nine, but solitude is my first true mod that I have worked on. I spend 5-7 hours on a normal day, considering that the mod started late July early August, quite alot of time !

Wimpyburger - You guys are really dedicated ! So recently I've seen some walking/swimming animations. As well as some weapon models , what are the limitations the quake engine, and more specifically the psp bring?

SamUK- First, I would like to say swimming is out, Spartans cant swim with there suits on. They can just about float. The animations are not final, they will be edited in the future, back to your question. The standard quake engine had loads of limitations but with the arrival of a coder, baker, the limitations are now mostly the PSP's. The main concern is the framerate and ram, we want a game that looks great but also plays smooth and the game only has 32mb ram to work with since we want ALL psp owners to beable to play it.
Wimpyburger - Will wort wort wort be in ? Razz

SamUK - Hahaha, yes we will have voice acting.

Wimbyburger - how many weapons, and what weapons will be in the game and how many will be in the... beta?

SamUK - Right now we have shown seven weapons, we plan on having around 12-14 weapons in total. We will try having all the weapons in the beta !

Wimpyburger - What will controls be like for the psp?

SamUK - 100% customizable.

Wimbyburger - So this will support adhoc multiplayer as well as over the internet ?

SamUK - Yes, Solitude will have Infranstucuture and adhoc.
Wimyburger - I heard you're shooting for a release in march what are your expectations do you think you'll make it?

SamUK - We are, I think we have a decent chance. With the new reinforcements we recently got, it looks better then ever.

Wimbyburger - Reinforcements? Care to enlighten?

SamUK - We recently got two new coders, one dedicated to the engine (Baker) and one dedicated to the gamecode (Avirox). We also got a new texture artist (Psycotropicpineappels).

Wimbyburger - Without spoiling anything, what are your plans for the campaign ?

SamUK - Complete singleplayer experience into the shoes of an existing spartan. Fighting the covenant, but in solitude.
Wimbyburger - Good bye, and thanks for the interview !

Thanks for reading update 18, it is your last chance to vote ! I would also like to thank Wimbyburger for the interview.

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Solitude Update 18
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