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 Halo Solitude (Solitude) Update 9

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Halo Solitude (Solitude) Update 9 Empty
PostSubject: Halo Solitude (Solitude) Update 9   Halo Solitude (Solitude) Update 9 Icon_minitimeThu Mar 11, 2010 5:29 pm

Originally posted by SamUK

It has been a while since we showed the public what we have been cooking up. The wait is over.In this update I will be showing our new elite , we will continue weapon of the week and a few surprises.

LW-Torrecilla has been busy ,but he is back and not alone.The model as stated below , is only 378 polys, 1/3 the mount of poly's in halo one.We did have a high polyed version made by x-member Nige111, but due to the massive poly count we decided to ditch it and make a lower polyed version.This intern means that there will be 3 x as many elites on screen.

Weapon of the week
We have not had a weapon of the week in a while, but were back with no other then our first Covenant gun. The Plasma Pistol , this baby was made by illducci (VGF). It took him a total of 4-5 hour Including finding reference's ,finding how it works, how the model should be made, modeling it and UV mapping it ready for out texture artist's.

Vehicles are a hard thing to code into the old quake engine, but we have recently been in contact with a new coder ,he says that he is confident he can do it. So here are the first two vehicles models, first of which is the Banshee.

Second is the warthog.

I have one last treat for you guys. I have started working on a map thats shaping up real well so far. We still dont have a name for the map so for now its called Sams map Smile.

The map is still an work in progress.

Well thats all we have right now . Please nominate us , make history. If we make it on the top 100 we would be the first mod ever , i think, to be a non-PC mod that gets on the top 100.

the Flaming Ice team.
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Halo Solitude (Solitude) Update 9 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Halo Solitude (Solitude) Update 9   Halo Solitude (Solitude) Update 9 Icon_minitimeTue May 10, 2011 3:14 am

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Halo Solitude (Solitude) Update 9
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