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 Halo Solitude (Solitude) Update 7

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Halo Solitude (Solitude) Update 7 Empty
PostSubject: Halo Solitude (Solitude) Update 7   Halo Solitude (Solitude) Update 7 Icon_minitimeThu Mar 11, 2010 5:23 pm

Originally posted by SamUK
Last week we showed of the grunt , this week we show you guys the grunts with there weapons ! The frist grunt is holding a plasma pistol

Image could not be displayed

The second grunt is holding the stronger weapon , the neediler needler

Image could not be displayed

This is a glimpse of what they will look like ingame (these are renders of the models ).
Another week ,another weapon !
THis weeks weapon of the week is the Rocket Launcher, made by ME Smile ,this is as close as I will be able to get it with such a low poly count .
Image could not be displayed
It will act and behave the same as halo one.
Last update the weapon of the week was the shotgun the texture was in the works but we didnt want to show our fans ( YOU GUYS ) the unfinshed texture so we waited till this week .
Dandi8's first weapon for the mod (he did both model and texture) the shotgun here it is !
Image could not be displayed
We will be retextureing it as we were not happy with the uvmap ,next week you guys might *MIGHT* see the final shotgun texture
Last week i hinted to something specail in this weeks update and here it is !
Our coder crowbar has managed to get detailed texture support into our engine !

Here are some campasion shots
Image could not be displayed

Image could not be displayed

Last but not least another video !
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Halo Solitude (Solitude) Update 7
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