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 Halo Solitude (Solitude) Update 6

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Halo Solitude (Solitude) Update 6 Empty
PostSubject: Halo Solitude (Solitude) Update 6   Halo Solitude (Solitude) Update 6 Icon_minitimeThu Mar 11, 2010 5:18 pm

Originally posted by SamUK
This is quite a big update so lets jump straight into it , firstly we will show everyone the final grunt model/texture.
Update 6

Its around 300 triangles, with at texture size of 256x256 ,meaning we could spam around 10 of them on screen before any noticeable slowdown.

A couple of months ago ,Nige111 modeled a marine ,dandi8 has taken the task of texturing it , this is a WIP basicly the head and pouch is done.
Image could not be displayed

Weapon of the week is finally back ! And this weeks weapon of the weak is "drum roll please" The deadliest close range weapon, the brute killer, Master Cheif's best friend. If u still have not guessed its the Shotgun !

Image could not be displayed

We also have a render of the SMG , it seems that alot of people couldnt see the smg properly in last weeks video.

Image could not be displayed

The shotgun is a wip so please don't think that its textured ... its not .
Recently on our forums ,, one of the users said ''And from the impression I get the Solitude team lacks when it comes to coding.'' this made me laugh at the time, alot of people have been worried about the coding side of things .We recently hired a coder named Downsider into our team to help with the code , and in less the a week he added most of halo functions in with no trouble at all . Here is a short list of the many things he has done:

* Reloading (quake 1 didn't have reloading and adding a reloading code to the QC (quake code) is not easy task )
* Halo Weapon Management system (The weapon management works just like halos , you can only hold two weapons at a time . when u pick up a new weapon u drop ur old one . the exact halo weapon management system . If you hold down the throw grenade button u will swap between frag grenades and plasma grenades
* Melee ( Yes we do, we finally do have melee ,it works pretty much the same as halo's , push a button then WACK just got owned Smile )
* frag grenades (Quake had a grenade launcher and that was the closest thing to a grenade ,but now as long as u have at least 1 grenade push a button ,doesn't matter what weapon you throw a grenade)
* Plasma grenades ( This one is a little bit tricky,we had to find a way to get an object to stick to a moving object ,but again mission completed)

Halo Solitude Mod for Quake latest game video - Mod DB
We have also been working on getting bots into the game. ( they are at very early stage's so is not worth showing you guys.)

The last thing we will show you is one of our latest maps, Narrows by Scifiknux.Its still being cleaned up and textured.

Update 6

This will be one of the maps released with halo solitudes Mulitplayer beta release.

Thanks for visiting the page and an extra thanks to all those that read the hole thing Smile instead of flying thru the pictures.

The Flaming Ice team.
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Halo Solitude (Solitude) Update 6
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