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 Halo Solitude (Solitude) Update 4

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Halo Solitude (Solitude) Update 4 Empty
PostSubject: Halo Solitude (Solitude) Update 4   Halo Solitude (Solitude) Update 4 Icon_minitimeWed Mar 10, 2010 8:25 pm

Originally posted by SamUK.

Sorry for late update ( I had to redo it :S), a lot of fans of the mod may have noticed that the mod's name has hanged from Halo:Portable to Halo:Solitude. The reason of this change is that Halo portable was a codename for the project and since we didn't to much on the campaign we didn't want to call it something that bared little relevance to the story. Later along this update we will be talking about the story,but for now here are some pictures of my PSP running the mod (sorry for the bad picture quality)

Halo Solitude (Solitude) Update 4 Dsc00315jx8
Halo Solitude (Solitude) Update 4 Dsc00318ip8
Halo Solitude (Solitude) Update 4 Dsc00324vw6
Halo Solitude (Solitude) Update 4 Dsc00325vv5

This week we have another two maps show off. The first map that i will be showing you is made by one of our new team members Ceriux.Here is Ceruix's description of the map
Ceriux wrote:WIP so far, textures aren't finalized yet, but here's what i got.
I wanted it to look like an old facility that had been over grown on,
that way to give the players something new to see when playing.

The map is called overgrown.
Halo Solitude (Solitude) Update 4 Wipwizeu0

The second map i will be showing you is called Separation .Look forward to seeing all this in the multiplayer beta ! Here are the screens
Halo Solitude (Solitude) Update 4 20656844oe8
Halo Solitude (Solitude) Update 4 63717714ji5
Halo Solitude (Solitude) Update 4 93907205gr9
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Halo Solitude (Solitude) Update 4
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